Secret Mission's Holiday Gift Guide for Every Aesthetic

Vera top and gem pants

Our Gift Guide

Style and trends are constantly changing and evolving as social media spears new fashions and ideas. Consumer preferences are ever changing and multi-faceted. One day you may love minimalism and quiet comforts, and the next you may prefer to stand out from the crowd with bold colors and embellishments. We all have friends who gravitate toward one aesthetic, so it is important that we can find the perfect gift that fits them. Secret Mission is taking the guesswork out of your shopping with this gift guide that promises a gift to your friends and family, whatever their aesthetic may be.

1. Casual Chic

For the friends who love the perfect comfy hoodie or sweatpants over the perfect form-fitting dress, these comfortable styles are for your friend who loves to stay in for movie night. She loves relaxing at home with a good book or tv show and loves minimalist pieces she can wear multiple ways. She values sustainability and loves comfortable clothes made of quality materials like organic cotton and silk.  

All of these garments are made of 100% organic cotton. The oversized, relaxed fit hoodie and the relaxed cropped tee  are embellished with heart embroidery patches to upgrade your friend's everyday look. The Sadye Sweatpants are adorned with metal studs to add uniqueness to a classic staple piece. The 80's inspired graphic tee features a unique print for the friends who love a look inspired by iconic fashions.

2. Art Deco

For your extroverted friends who were born in the wrong decade. She brightens the room when she walks in and loves to make a statement with what she wears. She loves going to parties and meeting new people. Her favorite holiday is New Years Eve because she loves to celebrate in style with her best friends and family members. She has a deep knowledge of fashion and loves art history. She has an eye for artistic pieces and appreciates clothing that takes inspiration from the past.

The Lilith Dress and Lilith Blouse are made from viscose georgette and are embellished with gold deco motifs reminiscent of the Roaring 20's. The Charlotte Top is a rhinestone embellished tank made of beaded chain. The Eloise Jacket is made of tweed and accentuates a fitted silhouette. 

3. The Pastel Princess

For the friend who loves to embrace her femininity with classic romantic silhouettes and design details. She loves puff sleeves, off-the-shoulder tops,  and ruffles. She would rather wear a loose fitting dress or maxi skirt than tight-fitting jeans. She loves to express herself by wearing bright, eye-catching colors and loves to shop from sustainable, women-made brands. She loves to go shopping with friends and her favorite movie is The Notebook.

The Sienna Dress is a gorgeous icy blue maxi dress made of recycled waffle poly georgette. This long sleeve ruffle dress features a waist cut-out detail that is prefect for the friend who loves a romantic silhouette. The Victorian-inspired Annalise Top in mint is made of 100% polyester silk, while the Linnett Blouse is made from recycled poly georgette. The Chelsea Dress, made of the same material, is the prefect everyday dress for your friend who appreciates classic feminine styles.

4. The Glam Rocker

For your friend who has a unique sense of style and a wicked sense of humor. She loves pieces with unique patterns and design details. She loves mesh detailing and appreciates sustainable fabrics like silk and organic cotton. She loves classic rock and never leaves home without her Doc Martens and vintage shades. She loves to go thrifting on the weekends to find the perfect vintage pieces for her wardrobe. 

The Sienna Top is made of 100% viscose chiffon and features an embellished silver chain on the neckline. The mid-length Joni  Skirt is made from 100% silk. The slit opening and psychedelic print add to the cool rocker girl aesthetic. The Amy Top is also made of 100% Silk. This cami top has a waist cutout and self-tie ribbons. The mini Sandie Dress features a fitted waist tie and the psychedelic print. This versatile dress is can be dressed up or dressed down. 

5. The Girl Next Door

For your down-to-earth friend who loves the little things in life. She loves wearing blouses with the perfect pair of jeans and casual dresses. She appreciates embroidered details and floral prints. She loves plants and interior decorating. In her free time, she loves to knit and crochet.

The Phoebe Blouse and Clover Top are both made from 100% organic cotton. The Phoebe Blouse is adorned with lace detailing and captures the essence of the Victorian era with a high neck and close-fitting bodice. The Clover Top is adorned with intricate embroidery that complements the flowing silhouette. The Carole Dress is made from organic cotton linen and features a plunging neckline and bow detail.  The Nirai Maxi Dress is made from silk chiffon. This floral dress is effortlessly beautiful with cascades of ruffles. 

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